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Passalacqua welcomes renowned chef Viviana Varese

The Passalacqua team are proud to welcome their new cuoca di casa (in-house chef), Viviana Varese, to her new home. An amazing culinary talent, Viviana is not only recognised as one of Italy’s leading female chefs but has also won awards for her commitment to social and ethical causes.

One of Italy’s best known chefs, Viviana Varese has managed many restaurants over the course of her career. Viviana opened her first restaurant in 1999 in Orio Litta, before opening Alice in 2007. In 2014, she moved to Eatily, changing its look in 2019 with Viva. In the meantime, Viviana has opened two restaurants in Sicily, two pastry shops and a seafood restaurant in Milan.

Speaking about her plans for Passalacqua, Viviana said “my cuisine will be revolutionary, linked to the great tradition but also to the territory but also to tradition. It will be pleasure, sharing, taste…. But I don’t want to reveal too much to you. A few days and I will tell everything.” (Corriere della Sera)

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