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Towns of Italy launch new Fiat Topolino tour in Rome

Are you ready to experience Rome in a whole new way? Say hello to the future of city exploration with Towns of Italy’s cutting-edge E-Car, affectionately named “Topolino.” This innovative electric vehicle is designed to make your Roman adventure not only sustainable but also completely stress-free.

This is the first tour of its kind in Italy with these cars, which have only recently entered the market. This electric car is both comfortable for city tours and iconic. An accompanying guide will always be present to lead the tour, and all clients will have the opportunity to drive!


  • Discover Rome guilt-free in our electric Topolino with this sustainable travel experience
  • Say goodbye to traffic and parking woes as you effortlessly navigate Rome’s historic streets
  • Enjoy breathtaking vistas of Rome’s iconic landmark
  • Immerse yourself in the ambience of this timeless city without annoying engine noises
  • Immerse yourself in Rome’s history, art, and cuisine with the Topolino’s built-in cultural insights

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