Blair Wickham

Sales & Marketing, Oceania
Blair was born and raised on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. He has a deep understanding of the travel industry and is an experienced sales representative, having completed multiple sales missions to North America, Europe and domestically in Australia.

In Blair’s words:

How many people get the privilege to say they were born on Kangaroo Island? Not many! I grew up in a family tourism business, which continues to operate today. Exceptional Kangaroo Island operates luxury small group and private tours. This was day to day life, so I have grown up with deep connections to the industry and have many strong relationships with many travel industry professionals across the world.

Upon completion of high school in 2014, I took a year off to travel to Europe, living in England but spending some time in Italy, France and Spain.

I returned to Australia to complete a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at the University of South Australia, graduating in 2018. During my studies, I travelled to North America and Europe on separate occasions where I attending travel trade shows and conducting independent office visits as a sales representative for my parents’ business, Exceptional Kangaroo Island. This was my first taste of combining my love for travel and promoting wonderful experiences in beautiful locations.

I continued this role through until 2020, where we all know the world stopped. For Exceptional Kangaroo Island, 95% of our business came from overseas – so when the borders were closed, we had to work hard and fast to connect with the Australian travel industry. Since then, I have forged some strong relationships with some of Australia’s most reputable retail and wholesale travel agencies.


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